[AMRadio] DX 60 mods

johndtate at post.com johndtate at post.com
Fri Jul 2 18:52:23 EDT 2010

I have a DX-60 with the W3CK mods.  It's AMAZING how many UNSOLICITED 
AWESOME AUDIO reports I receive.  People simply are sometimes in awe 
that I am on a DX-60 (with the help of either an SB-200 or a Henry 
2K4).  These are usually more seasoned AMers too. These mods are not 
difficult and are very effective.  The stock DX-60 is not bad at all 
however.  As for worrying about holes... well... there are a LOT of 
DX-60's still out there.  If you have a perfect example, then maybe you 
should leave it alone.  My radio is not a museum shelf piece but a 
working transmitter.

The over modulation indicator works spot on.  When I see it flash more 
than just a very dim red on peak audio, I can be assured I am over 
driving the audio.  A glance at the envelop on the scope confirms 
flat-lining on the negative peaks.  It is very accurate.

The carrier level adjustment is something I'm not sure I could live 
without now.  It has become part of my tuning process.  You see when 
you adjust it, you have to touch up the audio level and sometimes the 
loading and tuning to get everything "balanced".  This ability is VERY 
handy when driving a linear amplifier.  It's sort of difficult to 
explain but looking at a scope during tune up will clear that up.

Bill also published a hint about the accessing the audio gain pot 
without taking the chassis cover off.  I use a wooden "ka-bob" skewer 
bought in a pack of them from Wally-world (aka Walmart).  They cost 
less than a couple bucks.  I whittled one end into the shape of a 
flat-blade screwdriver.  Looking down from the top ventilation holes, 
you can see the audio gain pot.  The hole directly above it becomes the 
access with this long wooden "screwdriver".  I just leave it in place 
with a half inch handle.  Works great.

Anyone wanna try some 40 meter AM tonight?

73, John KX5JT

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