[AMRadio] DX 60 mods

Paul Christensen w9ac at arrl.net
Fri Jul 2 21:35:33 EDT 2010

Are the W3CK mods published on the web?  Tnx!

Paul, W9AC

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>I have a DX-60 with the W3CK mods.  It's AMAZING how many UNSOLICITED 
> AWESOME AUDIO reports I receive.  People simply are sometimes in awe 
> that I am on a DX-60 (with the help of either an SB-200 or a Henry 
> 2K4).  These are usually more seasoned AMers too. These mods are not 
> difficult and are very effective.  The stock DX-60 is not bad at all 
> however.  As for worrying about holes... well... there are a LOT of 
> DX-60's still out there.  If you have a perfect example, then maybe you 
> should leave it alone.  My radio is not a museum shelf piece but a 
> working transmitter.
> The over modulation indicator works spot on.  When I see it flash more 
> than just a very dim red on peak audio, I can be assured I am over 
> driving the audio.  A glance at the envelop on the scope confirms 
> flat-lining on the negative peaks.  It is very accurate.
> The carrier level adjustment is something I'm not sure I could live 
> without now.  It has become part of my tuning process.  You see when 
> you adjust it, you have to touch up the audio level and sometimes the 
> loading and tuning to get everything "balanced".  This ability is VERY 
> handy when driving a linear amplifier.  It's sort of difficult to 
> explain but looking at a scope during tune up will clear that up.
> Bill also published a hint about the accessing the audio gain pot 
> without taking the chassis cover off.  I use a wooden "ka-bob" skewer 
> bought in a pack of them from Wally-world (aka Walmart).  They cost 
> less than a couple bucks.  I whittled one end into the shape of a 
> flat-blade screwdriver.  Looking down from the top ventilation holes, 
> you can see the audio gain pot.  The hole directly above it becomes the 
> access with this long wooden "screwdriver".  I just leave it in place 
> with a half inch handle.  Works great.
> Anyone wanna try some 40 meter AM tonight?
> 73, John KX5JT
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