[AMRadio] [Boatanchors] Need Service Manual for Anritsu MS420B

Bruce bsugarberg at core.com
Tue Jul 6 02:37:32 EDT 2010

Hello Mark,

Several years ago I needed a manual for an Anitrsu radio.

I tried the Anitrsu offices on both coasts, and got nowhere.

Finally, in the east coast office, I was lucky enough to get
referred to someone who was willing to tell me what was really
going on: When Anitrsu was bought out a number of years ago,
the first thing the new owners did was to destroy the entire
inventory of manuals for anything that was not in current

After searching for a long time, I was able to locate a copy
of the manual I needed in England.  (And the cost of the manual,
plus shipping, was over $100.00).

Good luck,

Bruce WA8TNC
Mark Foltarz wrote:
> Group, 
>   I need to get my network analyzer going. It's on the fritz and I need a manual.
>   I have searched Ebay, the Anritsu website and the web in general.
>   Any leads appreciated.
>  de KA4JVY
> Mark

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