Pat & Rich McKinney pmcknney at bellsouth.net
Fri Jul 16 07:49:30 EDT 2010

  I have to brag a bit and share.  I have converted an RCA BTA 500X transmitter that was the station transmitter for WRVK in Renfro Valley, Ky started in 1957.  I spent many saturdays this past year going to help Sid Adams WI4M trying to make it work when it was his.  Sid just up and gave it to me and now all 1000 pounds of it is in my garage.  After making it work and modulate on 1460..its assigned frequency..I have it making 500 watts carrier on 1885.  Got good reports from 2 other hams just on the carrier.  I only had to change one capacitor in its output circuit and there was room to retap the coils.  Still lots of work to finish with setting up the audio and T/R switching.  I plan to mate it with my R390A and be AMing in the 1885 area.  73 Rich

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