John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Fri Jul 16 11:16:12 EDT 2010

   Another BTA 500MX followed me home last summer...  I have the filaments 
operating, but it was in a small semi-rural station in central California, 
and it's maintenance over the years was - shall we say - "well 
intentioned"   HIHI..  much much work yet to be done to get the old girl 
cleaned up and making RF once again.

   For example, one of the bypass capacitors in the IPa blew up rather 
spectacularly, and the 'fix' was to attach a Sprague orange-drop cap to 
the tube socket with a pair of rolled-up yellow clip leads.  How long it 
was on the air like that is anyone's guess, but the whole mess had a heavy 
layer of dust and grunge on it, so...

   Mine will live on 75 AM Fone when it's done, paired with an R-390 or 
R-388, and eventually some small tube-based broadcast console to feed 
audio with.


Carson City

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