[AMRadio] Introduction and parts source needed

Steve zarco at sonic.net
Thu Jul 29 15:53:15 EDT 2010

I'm new to this forum and thought I'd introduce myself. After about
30 years of inactivity I've been sorting through and restoring old radios
I've been collecting for years. A couple of years ago I bought a Technical
Radio Corp (not TMC) T-350XM AM/CW transmitter. This is a WWII
vintage, non-military monster. Almost 700 pounds and built like a tank.
Two 813's in the final and a pair of 805 modulators. After a lot of work
and quite a few component failures, it close to being put on the air.
Hope to meet some of you guys once its up and running.

Most of the resistors in this thing have failed, and I'm sure those that
have not will soon. Does anyone know of a source for the big cartridge
type power resistors? An example is 15K ohm at 80 watts. I've been able 
to substitute in other resistors but I'm trying to keep this as original
as possible.

                      Steve W6SSP
                      Santa Rosa, CA.

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