[AMRadio] looking for power resistors (T-350XM)

Steve zarco at sonic.net
Fri Jul 30 14:50:48 EDT 2010

Here is a list of resistors I'm looking for;

15K ohm, 80 watts
50K, 80 watts
25K, 80 watts (need 2 of these)

Size;  11.5" long, contact ends are 1.125" dia
These are cartridge type resistors that fit into clips. Not the type
with lugs that wires are soldered to. I have looked at the usual
sources (Allied, Mouser, etc) and they do not carry this style.
I already have non-standard resistors in place but I'm hoping to
find these to keep this transmitter completely original.
If anyone out there has any of these parts they wouldn't mind parting
with let me know. I've got quite a few big resistors to swap or
will purchase. Thanks!
                            Steve W6SSP

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