[AMRadio] Introduction and parts needed T-350-XM

Bob Deuel k2glo at jkasystems.com
Sat Jul 31 13:41:45 EDT 2010

Oh yes..... The good 'ole Techrad T-350-XM. There are not too many of those 
transmitters still left around. I understand that many were converted local 
government use after the war and have long since been scraped out. I have a 
complete one in my garage that years ago I started to restore the MO deck 
and never finished. It is still on my someday project list. I wish I had the 
companion speech amplifier that went with it but no such luck.  However, I 
do have a military speech amplifier that is very similar to the original 
speech amplifier circuit-wise. A number of years ago, I visited the 
gentleman who engineered the T-350-XM (his name escapes me at the moment). 
He still lived in San Francisco and he had some interesting stories to tell 
about about the manufacture of that transmitter. One story was about the 
variable capacitors. They had a contract to purchase their variable 
capacitors from a major manufacturer and that manufacturer could not supply 
them because of other pressing war time contract obligations so Techrad 
manufactured the variable capacitors in that unit themselves. He let me 
borrow his T-350-XM manual which I photocopied and returned. He also had two 
plate transformers in his storage unit that sold to me. They are big and 
heavy! I can provide you with a photocopy of the manual if you need one. 
Good luck with your project and maybe someday we will be able to make a 
T-350-XM to T-350-XM QSO. Bob de K2GLO 

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