[AMRadio] Any AM ops in my area?

johndtate at post.com johndtate at post.com
Tue Jun 1 17:49:35 EDT 2010

Todd, Brian and the others do give some great advice.  Replacing the 
electrolytic capacitors should be a priority if the DX-60 is stock.  
That right there just might solve your issues.  Also, if it is an 
original stock DX-60, the 2-prong power plug will have fuses.  If the 
plug seems It would be prudent to change that out to a 3-prong grounded 
plug with one fuse in line.  I love my DX-60 (which has been updated 
with audio, carrier and ptt mods).  Hope to hear you on the before too 

John KX5JT

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