[AMRadio] Want to Borrow Original Elmac Manuals

Larry WA9VRH wa9vrh at dishmail.net
Tue Jun 15 20:39:26 EDT 2010

Hi All,

Bob W9RAN has agreed to send me his original manuals for the Elmac AF-67 and 

I am looking for someone or someones that have original  manuals for the PMR 
xx and any other Elmac manuals
that I may borrow to scan. I will be happy to pay postage each way and will 
also send the contributor or contributors
a cd with all the manuals on it.

My intention is to get decent scans unlike the DJvue ones currently on BAMA. 
No offense meant to the person that scanned them or to the DJvue format.

I am mainly interested in the matching receivers for the AF-67 and AF-68 and 
power supplies. However if there are other Elmac manuals please let me know.

I will also print a dozen of each and send to Mike N8ECR who runs the 
"Mighty Elmac Net"  so he will have some on hand to give out.

I will also be happy to email copies of the manuals to anyone who wishes to 
add them to their website.

Thanks in advance!
73 Larry WA9VRH

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