[AMRadio] 10 meters

wb4iuy at teara.org wb4iuy at teara.org
Sun Jun 20 08:41:42 EDT 2010

At 08:27 AM 6/20/2010 -0400, you wrote:
>yep, the Higher bands are open, ten yesteray evening had more beacons than I 
>have ever heard.  But, I have no idea what sort of operation is going on!! 
>heard no AM so went to ssb, worked a fla station  that would not say more 
>than five or six words, then nothing. another w2ggi, was calling cq or qrz, 
>he would come back with w8r??  your 5x9 missed your name and qth, then next 
>exchange would be thanks, qrz!!.   I hope that as more do move up to ten 
>this sillyness will abate.   Yes, I do undestand that some may be new and 
>not  comfortable, so I do try and draw them out with the usual questions, 
>antenna, gear, weather, what are you hearing etc etc.  but it just does not 
>seem to work on ten.  Bernie W8RPW 

Hi Bernie,

Maybe it was just not good into your location, I worked a bunch of folks
yesterday on 10cw, psk, and olivia. Made several contacts on 10 ssb. Called
CQ on 29.0 AM several times but didn't hear anyone. Maybe today, though!


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