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Bernie Doran qedconsultants at embarqmail.com
Mon Jun 21 09:42:24 EDT 2010

Brian, you are correct RF is RF, for all practical purposes that will be no 
detectable difference between AM or SSB for amateur use. however, I have 
little faith in the efficiency of so called  multiband antennas.  I strongly 
favor a " simple dipole" or a wire about 1/2 wave or more fed in the center 
with open wire feeders from a good tuner like the old Johnson match box. It 
does sound like your antenna is very low and that has a major impact on 
impedance and bandwidth.   sure would help if you could get it up to 40 feet 
or so.   There have been some interesting cases with short loaded antennas 
in the BC band, the bandwidth has occasionally been so narrow that the AM 
sidebands become attenuated!  Not going to see that effect in the amateur 
bands unless someone is running an antenna only a few feet long!!     I 
assume you are feeding with coax, hopefully the large stuff like RG8.  If 
there is a balon transformer involved, they really do not like strange 
impedance loads attached to them.  They really are a transmission line 
transformer and have been misused horribly!   Bernie W8RPW

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>I have a Carolina Windom Dipole I use on AM and SSB, oriented with ends N/S 
>at about a 30 deg. downward slope and ends 4 ft. above ground. I get good 
>reception and coverage all around the compass. But on AM I seem to be week 
>on AM toward Dallas and Oklahoma. I "boom in" on 75 meters in Dallas, OK, 
>LA, MS, and other states.
> Is there a particular antenna and/or antenna configuration that is more 
> effective on AM? I know RF is RF, but, I am still learning.
> Thanks and 73
> Brian/KF5CCN
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