[AMRadio] AM on Ants(forgot to ID)

Bernie Doran qedconsultants at embarqmail.com
Mon Jun 21 16:36:44 EDT 2010

Hi Brian: you should have a great signal, just get that rascal up at least 
twenty feet and you will be surprised, My power co sold me two new 45 Ft 
poles and placed them for a little under $ 900 That height models very well 
for all bands, yes, it is too high an angle for 80 but really good for 20 
and up and certainly very usable for 80. I also found that if you have to go 
through a wall, my garage with steel siding and finished interior wall, 
short lengths of hardline make a great feed though. I used 3/4 inch and the 
exterior is a tight fit in holes punched through the siding.  length is 
about 8 inches.   I gave up on trying to get something in the trees!! 
This pulls up and down in a matter of minutes if I want to try something 
else. yep, 90 ft poles would be much better, but the cost becomes absurd, 
several $K per pole.  open wire feeders are very easy to make, the round 
clothes hangers that sell by the 50 pack make great spreaders. cut, drill, 
feed the wire through,. wrap with small guage wire and cover the wrap with 
RTV.  near zero loss. always best to feed in the center, but I am using a 
260 foot wire fed 60 + feet from one end.  Bernie
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> By the way, Maybe I did not mention this, I am putting out about 450 watts 
> P.E.P. with a resting carrier of 150 watts. I am working on the antenna 
> today.
> Thanks for all your input.
> Brian
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