[AMRadio] Antennas

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Tue Jun 22 11:35:50 EDT 2010

> There have been some interesting cases with short loaded antennas
> in the BC band, the bandwidth has occasionally been so narrow that the AM
> sidebands become attenuated!  Not going to see that effect in the amateur
> bands unless someone is running an antenna only a few feet long!! 
> Bernie W8RPW

I  almost have that situation on 160m when I use my 80m dipole, fed with 
open wire line and balanced tuner.  I can move maybe +/- 5 kHz before I have 
to retune.  Using that antenna set-up is like being crystal controlled, 
since I have to go down to the tower to re-set the tuner.

Hopefully, by upcoming season I'll have my remote tuning system, with 
reversible DC motor, so I'll at least be able to QSY within the same band 
without a trip to t he tower.  I hope to eventually make it so I can change 
bands remotely as well.

Don k4kyv


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