[AMRadio] Antennas

Ed Sieb esieb at sympatico.ca
Thu Jun 24 12:26:59 EDT 2010

I believe that SSB was in use even before 1920.  The Bell System used SSB in FDM Mux
equipment  (C-carrier, etc.,)  in the "10's"  (1915 and later). This was between  4.5 Khz
and 60Khz.  As FDM technology improved the frequencies in use increased into the megahertz
range.  I have some modern FDM gear in my storage unit. Goes from 34Khz to 200Khz.  I'd
love to modulate a 900 Mhz link with that!


Don k4kyv wrote:
The first commercial use of SSB was around 1920 for transatlantic telephone
links using VLF.

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