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Dennis Weal w4eal at gmx.com
Mon Mar 1 14:24:40 EST 2010

Well if you had gold plated knobs and gold plated tube socket dress up rings you would want big bux 2. 
I would order some but they are out of octal rings shucks!!!!!

Just my luck


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Hay guys.If you want to have a great laugh go to the below website. AC Cords
for their amps $175 for 5 foot. Transformers that require 

100 to 200 hours break in time. 50 hours for the tube break in time. Give me
a break sounds like a company that does not want to Warranty there
product.These tubes they are using are WW II type tubes.MADE IN THE USA and
charge through the ASS.

This looks like some nice high end stuff and made in the USA


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