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Sun Mar 7 19:36:45 EST 2010

In addition to sending my comments to the feedback email address 
provided, I also wrote directly to League officials, and received a 
reply from the President, Kay N3KN.

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Thank you for your comments. The Region 2 band plan accommodates DSB AM 
operation. For example, if you look at the segment 7100 - 7130, you 
will see a asterisk by the 2700 bandwidth. Then scroll to the bottom of 
the entire chart to find the reference for that asterisk, which says, 
"DSB AM allowed in this segment with a maximum bandwidth of 6 kHz."  
The omission of the AM calling frequency on 80 meters was accidental 
and will be remedied in
the revision.

The Region 2 band plan is not part of the FCC's Rules and has no 
regulatory effect upon us in the USA. The current version does not and 
the revised version will not have any adverse effect upon your 
enjoyment of the Amateur bands using the modes you and your friends 

Kay N3KN
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I replied...

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Kay -

Thank you for your reply. Your response doesn't really address my 
concerns, as I'm not calling for some sort of special "exception" for 
certain modes. Sounds like you've prepared well for complaints from the 
AM community, but I question the whole business segregation by 

How many hams do you know that can measure occupied bandwidth in their 
shack? Can you?

Or do you rely upon the type of mode (CW, computer, voice, etc) to 
decide where best to operate? I'm betting that you, like 99% of hams, 
are not measuring their bandwidth but instead making assumptions based 
on modes-compatibility.

Steve WD8DAS

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