[AMRadio] AM IARU Region 2 Bandplan

Todd, KA1KAQ ka1kaq at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 20:53:16 EST 2010

On Sun, Mar 7, 2010 at 8:09 PM, jon baker <ad5hr1 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>     All
>   I agree with Steve, seems they are trying to squeeze
>  us into "special segments", such as the 30 Kc. segment
>  Kay mentioned, only 5 Kc. of which are in the U.S. fone
>  band!

Sadly, some in our community have added to this over recent years by
referring to AM as a 'Legacy mode' or 'specialty' mode. Others insist
on specifying a certain few frequencies as 'AM territory'. They're
getting what they screamed for.

The bigger issue to me is why there is so much effort being put into
such extensive regulation of the amateur community with less and less
activity on the bands. Rather than encouraging only certain types of
operating modes, the focus should be on operating in general.

~ Todd,  KA1KAQ/4

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