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Sun Mar 7 22:04:18 EST 2010

My further response to the ARRL President:

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Kay wrote:

>The Region 2 band plan does not even refer to
>measurement of occupied bandwidth.

What is the point of assigning a maximum bandwidth to the various band
segments if it is not a measured bandwidth?  A parallel example:  A
speed limit sign on the side of the highway is meant to be used in
combination with the speedometer in your car.  If automobiles were not
equipped with speedometers, would speed limit signs be posted?

Assigning a max bandwidth will invariably result in claims that someone
is "wider" than the allowed maximum. Thus my earlier concern about
creating unnecessary stress and contention among amateurs.

>Please don't over-react to the bandwidth column.

Does the ARRL want my feedback, or not?  In your first email reply you
seemed to be trying to convince me I'm wrong, and now you are
suggesting that I am "over-reacting" and shouldn't worry.   Why do you
feel to you have "defend" the IARU Region 2 bandplan and argue in
support of the present plan?  I thought it was open to discussion.

> It does not obligate American hams

If the IARU Region 2 bandplan means nothing to American hams, why, in
fact, is the ARRL even working on it?  Why ask members for their
feedback on the bandplan?  It is the *American* Radio Relay League,
after all.   If, on the other hand, the ARRL has a significant play in
the Region 2 bandplan, then as a member of the League I would think
that my views would be welcomed - not rejected out of hand as wrong.

Steve WD8DAS

sbjohnston at aol.com
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