[AMRadio] AM IARU Region 2 Bandplan

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 Band plan sand plan  - thank God they are plans not rules.  Talk where you want according to the actual rules.  The contesters completely demolished entire bands this weekend.  If I want to talk AM in a phone section, I am going to do it.



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Whether or not this is their goal, (which as you point out isn't clear), 
it is an important point.
Ham equipment is manufactured for the international market.  That means 
we are at risk of being 'lowest common denominatored' into things we 
really may not want domestically, like ROHS standards that sprang from 
the EU, or the Kyoto protocol, carbon taxes, etc., etc.

Any additional bandwidth restrictions in any band plan, even if it does 
not pertain to us as she is saying, makes little sense in today's world 
of SDR rigs, new modes, and rapidly moving technology.

The spectrum should be wide open for experimentation and innovation, not 
artificially micromanaged to death.


sbjohnston at aol.com wrote:

> ...It may also be a effort to drive people to buy new equipment that meets 
> such specifications.  For example, a country might say in their ham 
> rules that licensees will follow the IARU bandplan, and use only 
> equipment which meets IARU requirements.  That would rule out a lot of 
> old SSB and AM gear, as their published specs do not meet the undefined 
> yet written IARU 2700 Hz requirement.  And homebrew would be right out, 
> as the specs are not available on paper somewhere...
> Steve WD8DAS

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