[AMRadio] AM IARU Region 2 Bandplan

manualman manualman at juno.com
Sun Mar 7 23:47:56 EST 2010

Some countries in all three Regions have no equivalent FCC to govern
their amateur radio rules and regulations so they rely on IARU guidence.
Bermuda is a member of Region 2. You might find their "rules and
regulations" interesting especially on AM operation.
Also, ARRL President said: "The Region 2 band plan accommodates DSB AM 
operation. For example, if you look at the segment 7100 - 7130, you will
see a asterisk by the 2700 bandwidth."

The 7100-7130 is a typo. The 40 meter segment on the IARU Region 2 band
plan that has the asterisk really says 7100-7300.
You can click on the current Region 2 band plan here:

Pete, wa2cwa
On Sun, 07 Mar 2010 22:19:09 -0500 sbjohnston at aol.com writes:
> >seems they are trying to squeeze us into "special segments",
> >such as the 30 Kc. segment Kay mentioned, only 5 Kc. of
> >which are in the U.S. fone band!
> I'm having trouble understanding what they are trying to accomplish. 
> Maybe it is just a matter of power and control by people who think 
> they 
> are bigshots.  The regulation by bandwidth business is certainly 
> about 
> control.  But why bother?  As others have said well, regulations 
> increase while fewer and fewer hams actually get on the air.
> It may also be a effort to drive people to buy new equipment that 
> meets 
> such specifications.  For example, a country might say in their ham 
> rules that licensees will follow the IARU bandplan, and use only 
> equipment which meets IARU requirements.  That would rule out a lot 
> of 
> old SSB and AM gear, as their published specs do not meet the 
> undefined 
> yet written IARU 2700 Hz requirement.  And homebrew would be right 
> out, 
> as the specs are not available on paper somewhere.
> Steve WD8DAS
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