[AMRadio] AM IARU Region 2 Bandplan

Ted Gustafson ted.gustafson at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 13:00:12 EST 2010


I think that it is more of a reflection of our society as a whole now days.
I want it now, I want it my way, I don't want to have to put forth any
effort to get it and if I have to step on some one else to get it that's ok
as I'm just looking out for myself.

Then you put that together with the "I'm from the government and I'm here to
help" mindset and you have all the regulatory agencies and those who think
they are trying to make it all better by saving the poor uneducated masses
from themselves. After all every bureaucrat public or private needs to
justify their paycheck by doing something real or imagined.

My take on this is that for the most part if you talk in to the mic to
communicate it's phone use that mode someplace inside the phone portion of
the band. Gentleman's agreements about calling freq or operating in a
particular area of the band are fine and can work. That seem to be a normal
process of evolution anyway. Does this need to be mandated by anyone? No!

Bandwidth, you need to know what yours is and make every effort to not QRM
someone who is operating on a adjacent freq. In other words when you do the
"QRZ is this frequency in use" thing actually listen above and below.

This is after all a hobby with a history of experimentation with technology.
We need to keep the older technologies alive and encourage the
experimentation with new and not forget the best way to do that is
communicate with each other.

On Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 6:42 AM, Bernie Doran
<qedconsultants at embarqmail.com>wrote:

> This is nothing but BS. it is all power and money. look at the epa from
> thier start many years ago to now. once you meet the modest goals, the only
> way to exist and expand is to expand the goal constantly.    any
> organization that publishes any document, however distorted and crazy ,
> will
> be pointed too as a standard by somone.  The comment that hams in other
> areas wanted arrl to do a band plan has to be a damn lie.  how would arrl
> know this? did they get a pettion?  who from?  lets see it.   about every
> month I get the feeling that it is time to get rid of everything. The main
> reason I stick with AM is that it is easy to find someone capable of a
> conversation, not to say there are not good conversations on ssb, however
> they are geting few and far between.
>  I see and hear too much that sounds like cb.   It will be hard to convence
> me that this is not the result of the downgraded license requirements.
> Bernie
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