[AMRadio] AM IARU Region 2 Bandplan

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Mon Mar 8 16:37:13 EST 2010

I've read it time and time again!

AM DSB is A3E without question.

As the discussion I've been having off-list, I'll simply say that *IF* 
someone can REALLY pick up the fact that BC-610s and T-213s are running 
an extra 100cps on each sideband, then so be it.

It has been running that way for around nine years at my QTH.  I'm not 
going to go through and start rebuilding the transmitter's audio chain 
to "trim" 100cps.

I have enough of a time keeping the BEASTs reined in at 1500W PEP.  If I 
set the microphone resting current at the specified in the TM at 40ma, 
the darn thing WILL hit 2500W PEP.

It's no different than running a commercial 1KW radio.  One has to watch 
carefully.  The FULL 1KW modulated at 100% will go over the specified 
power levels.

I'm not going to try and find some obscure method, nor hack up a 
perfectly good transmitter to trim 100cps.

Now, how many Johnson Invader 2000s are out there?

I know of several!

Bob - N0DGN

> Try reading Part 97! It says not to use more bandwidth than necessary. And
> 6KC is all that is necessary for AM. We are not supposed to be pretending we
> are AMBC station. I know some people try.
> I just went through Part 97. There is no differentiation between AM and SSB.
> It just uses the word PHONE. As far as I know both AM and SSB are A3E
> modulation.
> Bob Macklin
> Seattle, Wa.
> "Real Radios Glow In The Dark"

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