[AMRadio] AM IARU Region 2 Bandplan

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Mon Mar 8 17:46:53 EST 2010

Yeah but Bob - if you want to make some kind of binding RULE out 
of that vague requirement then your AM signal should only be 
4 kHz wide, because under ideal  circumstances the guy on the 
other end could still understand you. 

Oh, you might sound rather MUFFLED, but who cares so long as 
you keep the RULES!

While we are at it then, let's tell the CW boys that they can't go 
over 10 wpm, because that makes their signal too wide. Oh, and 
I am sure the SSB ops won't mind pinching down to 1.8 kHz after 2010...

From:           	"Bob Macklin" <macklinbob at msn.com>

> Try reading Part 97! It says not to use more bandwidth than
> necessary. And
> 6KC is all that is necessary for AM. We are not supposed to be
> pretending
> we 
> are AMBC station. I know some people try.

-~ø¤º°º¤ø~-"ßrÿ in FLÕRÎÐÁ"-~ø¤º°º¤ø~-

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