[AMRadio] AM IARU Region 2 Bandplan

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Mar 8 19:25:57 EST 2010

> The problem is that once the bandplan is adopted, essentially a treaty, 
> the FCC would eventually need to modify the rules to align with it.

Not true.

You are confusing IARU with ITU.  The International Telecommunications Union 
formulates the international treaties that determine what frequencies are to 
be used by hams, broadcasters, etc.  These are mostly hashed out at the WARC 
conferences that are held every few years. They have little or no concern 
about the regulations or band plans internal to the amateur bands.  That is 
strictly up to the governments of the individual countries.

The IARU is the International Amateur Radio Union.  It has exactly the same 
jurisdiction over the international amateur radio regulations as the ARRL 
has over the US amateur regulations: zero.  It is an advisory body and 
nothing more.  IARU is an umbrella organisation whose membership is made up 
of the national amateur radio organisations of the various countries.  In 
the US, that's the ARRL. In Canada, it is Industry Canada.  In France it is 
Réseau des Emitteurs Français.  And so on. These national amateur radio 
organisations get together from time to time as a group to coordinate 
amateur radio activity worldwide so that operations in one country conflict 
as  little as possible with those of other countries.  The resulting band 
plans carry no force of law, and governments of individual countries are 
under no obligation to formulate their rules to align with the band plans.

Don k4kyv

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