[AMRadio] FW: Radio Broadcast magazine from 1922 to 1930

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri Mar 12 15:29:24 EST 2010

I have skimmed through the 1922 and 23 issues.  These are a real treasure 
trove of information and early history of radio.  Some of the technical 
topics are still of pertinence to-day.  There are topics of interest not 
only to broadcast listeners, but amateurs as well, including transmitter 
principles and circuits.  Many photos of early broadcast stations, 
transmitters, antennas and a few ham  stations. Some detailed articles 
regarding patents and copyright, including what appears to be the same exact 
royalty issue as the one being debated to-day regarding broadcasters playing 
records over the air.

These PDFs average about 9 MB per issue, and my computer loads each one in 
less than 15 seconds.  I plan to get them all on disc ASAP, since anything 
on a website may be taken down at any moment without notice, particularly if 
someone raises a copyright issue, they experience technical difficulty, or 
the web site owner may just decide to be ornery.  The person who went to the 
trouble to scan those issues should be congratulated because the quality is 
excellent.  Much better than that of the early QSTs on my ARRL CD set.

Don k4kyv


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