[AMRadio] FCC Non-cooperation (was ILLEGAL STUFF ON E BAY)

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Wed Mar 17 01:39:19 EDT 2010

> This as a VERY serious problem for all radio users -  there seems to no
> longer be any interest in control of incidental RF radiators.  For
> example, when I got an FCC field engineer  to come out and test some
> noisy LED traffic signal systems, he said (paraphrasing), "Yes, I can
> see none of these are meeting Part 15 requirements, but hey, people can
> just listen to the stronger signals that get over the noise."  And
> shrugged and went back to the office.
> Steve WD8DAS


Did you attempt to contact his supervisor?  Sounds to me like this guy was 
not doing his job.  We are paying his salary with our tax money and we 
should expect service in return.  Since, by his own admission, the traffic 
signals were found not to meet FCC requirements, the decision to "do 
nothing" is not his to make.

If the supervisor offered no better cooperation, I would keep going up the 
chain of command and then start contacting congressmen and senators, 
demanding action.  One of them just might jump on this, since it would at 
least leave the appearance that as a member of the present do-nothing, 
grid-locked congress his was actually attempting to provide some kind of 
service to the pubic beyond promoting a political agenda.

This might be something that would catch the attention of NAB and other 
broadcasting interests, since any broadcast station might be next in line 
not to be "strong" enough to "get over the noise", and apparently these 
traffic signals are proliferating nationwide. And it wouldn't hurt to notify 
the ARRL's RFI committee, particularly Ed Hare, W1RFI.

I overheard another ham discussing the same issue a short while ago, and he 
implied  that he was afraid to complain about a traffic signal because he 
was fearful of what local officials might do if he tried to "fight city 
hall".  Come on, this isn't Iran or N. Korea just YET.

>From recent reports, Laura Smith really is going after electric utilities 
that have neglected to clean up power line noise.  See "RFI Matters" at 

This is a far more serious issue than some ham hitting 20 watts over the 
power limit on a voice peak or allowing 10 minutes and 15 seconds to pass 
before ID'ing.

Don k4kyv


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