[AMRadio] Buzzies and hash all over the spectrum

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Wed Mar 17 01:53:48 EDT 2010

> I have been saying  for the past six months or so that about the only
> solution to the appliance RFI problem is every man for himself, i.e.
> put up a low noise rx antenna, employ a phase shifting nulling box on
> receive, and forget QRP or even 100 w.  Everyone has to raise the
> desired signal level by running legal limit...

> Rob
> K5UJ

Why stop at the legal limit?  Since the FCC is not enforcing Part 15 rules 
that prohibit harmful interference, what makes one think they are any more 
likely to enforce Part 97 rules that  limit transmitter power?

Strap softly and turn up the wick.



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