[AMRadio] 5000 Watt AM transmitter for sale

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Thu Mar 18 12:23:32 EDT 2010

I am surprised you sold the Nautel.  I have heard nothing but good
things about Nautel.


On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 7:25 AM, Neal Newman <cozy659 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello Bernie
> I am in NJ  .. I commute to Ohio, Several Times a year for work.
> I do souund for a Smooth Jazz Group Based in Columbus.
> Where are you located?
> We are cleaning House. just sold 2 5Kw Collins transmitter, a 5Kw nautel
>  and a 10kw Omnitronix...
>  Not sure If we sold the 5 kw Contenential or the Gates MW5
> I may also have a  solidstate Harris SX5 for sale( It is complete but needs work.)
> It has a Low drive status. Im Pulling my hair out trying to get it running. Going to replace it with a New BE-AM5.
>  Neal- East Coast Regional Engineer MRBI

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