[AMRadio] FCC Non-cooperation

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Thu Mar 18 23:33:01 EDT 2010

> What is to interfere with?
> All radio stuff is going 900 MHz or higher, cable satellite or fiber feed,
> spread spectrum, phasing noise and interference null, etc.
> No one listens to AM anymore, or even FM much.
> You think anyone is going to worry about ham radio?
> I don't think so...
> Brett

But still, these are all licensed services, and the FCC is mandated by 
congress to protect licensed users from unlicensed interference.  The  law 
is the law. Somebody is not doing their job as this is allowed to continue 

The state is legally obligated to properly install its traffic signals so 
that they don't generate interference.  The FCC inspectors are legally 
obligated to check out interference from poorly designed consumer crap.  As 
much money as the government wastes on trivial stuff, enforcing Part 15 
would be a drop in the ocean as far as their budget goes. "Listen to a 
stronger station" doesn't cut it.

Evidently, someone in officialdom thinks HF is still worth protecting. 
Remember, they denied us a real 60m ham band because after 11SE01, the feds 
decided that frequencies in that vicinity were "essential" for "national 

Don k4kyv


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