[AMRadio] speakers

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Fri Mar 19 12:01:27 EDT 2010


I immediately went to the AS&S store here when you first posted your
question (this was around 2 or 3 months ago) and bought one.  I posted
a report a few days later.  You somehow missed it.  It is probably in
the archive.



<<Just wondering if any one bought the 12" speakers that American Science &
Surplus was selling and if so how do they sound? I found a cheap 12 "
Wolverine on ebay less the $50 inc shipping and was surprised at the
differance over radio shack book shelves, thats on the 75A2.    wondering
what a full range 15"  would do? any ideas?  I am not an audio nut but do
appreacate nice quality AM sound.  I do realize on the ham bands not likely
to hear much beyond 5  or 6 kc, there do appear to be some SW BC that
transmit up to about 15 KC.  Bernie>>

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