[AMRadio] FCC Non-cooperation EVERYONE READ

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Fri Mar 19 19:24:09 EDT 2010

Before we get carried away with this topic let's stop right now.  Life 
does not come with a guarantee so you can read what you will into any 
message.  John, there will be references to things every so often that 
you may not like nor approve.

The great number of posts here are fine and, with any topic will deviate 
a bit.  You are not required to read every post, but I do and if I have 
an issue I will say so.  I suppose the current political situation is 
feeding the frenzy, but as long as the posts are not overtly bias or 
improper we choose to let them go.  That is the case here.



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> Thanks Robb,
> I would like to see 0 Political, and Religious commentary in my life.
> I have my opinions and would just as soon that others keep theirs to
> themselves.
> Its just opinion and no more no matter what your parents preached to 
> you.
> I look at Amfone every day and every now and then I see a little bit 
> of
> Political or Religious "wisdom" tacked onto the end of the message and
> wonder if he or she took their medication today.
> I get enough Politics watching the evening news and living here in the
> bible belt way to much religion in my day to day interaction with my
> neighbors.
> 73, John
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>> On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 12:34 PM, BILL GUYGER <bguyger at sbcglobal.net>
>> wrote:
>> <<The FCC Chairman just came out saying he sees broadband for all as
>> being the future and broadcasting as somewhere down the list probably
>> on the order of the Town Crier. >>
>> Your interpretation obviously, but okay, whatever.
>> <<This is I'm sure part of Obama bin Biden's plan to impliment Big
>> Brother. Orwell was just a bit off on his date.>>
>> The President, _our_ President (whether you like it or believe it, or
>> not) does not micromanage the FCC but more important, these fantastic
>> conclusions don't belong in a forum about ham AM--save it for some
>> political fever swamp where the echo chamber is alive and well.  Be
>> sure to use a spell checker too.
>> 73
>> Rob
>> K5UJ

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