[AMRadio] Broadcast stuff

Brett Gazdzinski Brett.Gazdzinski at verizon.net
Fri Mar 19 20:42:17 EDT 2010

I think it will go away faster then most people think.
The 4G and above  stuff is going to replace fios, cable, and dsl.
My company has stopped the fios builds and will likely switch to wireless.
You can get something like 340Mbps over wireless now.
That is a lot of bandwidth, with almost no infrastructure, no cables on 
poles, no fiber, no high power broadcasting.
Almost every station on the air streams the programs on the web, and most 
younger people listen/watch that way.
I think the FCC is a VERY small department of the government, and likely 
does not care about anything as long as nothing interferes with mil traffic 
or cell phone stuff.

We are just seeing the start of devices that will receive radio and TV 
shows, like the iphone and so on....


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