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Larry Szendrei ne1s at securespeed.us
Fri Mar 19 23:43:40 EDT 2010

> When you think of it, what is up with ham radio, two guys trying to work
> each other with qsb, qrm, using expensive equipment, big antenna's,
> towers,etc, when you could do voice and video over the internet on a cheap
> laptop or an I phone...on the beach, in the den, on a train, anyplace...

Four things (at least):

1. The challenge of communicating under uncertain/difficult conditions.

2. The communications systems we hams use are generally simple enough that
we can understand and engineer them ourselves. It's an appropriate level
of challenge - difficult enough to hold our interest, and yet not so
complicated that it's impossible for an individual to accomplish.

3. No dependance on infrastructure except (for those without emergency
power) AC power.

4. The nostalgia/romantic factor of older technology.

Modern technology is amazing and wonderful, and under most conditions, the
most practical when you are trying to just communicate. But I suspect
that's not why most people on this list are in amateur radio.


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