[AMRadio] Broadcast stuff

Dave Mayfield W9WRL wrl at gwltd.com
Sat Mar 20 07:47:16 EDT 2010

Larry, you forgot to add. Number 5.

5. I can go to my junk box and in three hours or less I can build a 
transmitter with enough output to work the world on a few battery's

Personally I love all this new wireless stuff, I just got the new Droid 
by Motorola and I love it, but at the same time when that big storm 
comes or Iran starts using their new nukes I will be the first one 
laughing at at all the fools that just can't understand why their 4g 
stuff and all the rest say "No Service" on the hand set.

Dave W9WRL

Larry Szendrei wrote:
>> When you think of it, what is up with ham radio, two guys trying to work
>> each other with qsb, qrm, using expensive equipment, big antenna's,
>> towers,etc, when you could do voice and video over the internet on a cheap
>> laptop or an I phone...on the beach, in the den, on a train, anyplace...
> Four things (at least):
> 1. The challenge of communicating under uncertain/difficult conditions.
> 2. The communications systems we hams use are generally simple enough that
> we can understand and engineer them ourselves. It's an appropriate level
> of challenge - difficult enough to hold our interest, and yet not so
> complicated that it's impossible for an individual to accomplish.
> 3. No dependance on infrastructure except (for those without emergency
> power) AC power.
> 4. The nostalgia/romantic factor of older technology.
> Modern technology is amazing and wonderful, and under most conditions, the
> most practical when you are trying to just communicate. But I suspect
> that's not why most people on this list are in amateur radio.
> 73,
> -Larry/NE1S

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