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Mark K3MSB mark.k3msb at gmail.com
Sat Mar 20 08:40:43 EDT 2010

Go read the book "One Second After".

The thrust of EMCOM, in my opinion, is to be able to provide emergency
communications from one's one home to support your neighbors and local area
when,  not if, a disaster strikes.   I say "when", not "if", as the more
fragile our telecommunications infrastructure becomes the more easier it
will be to cause massive disruption.

I live about six air miles from a nuke plant.  A few years ago I
participated (for our club) in an EMCOM drill in the area.    What to do if
a radiation leak occurred, or similar.   I was thinking that if something
really happened,  I load my family into the van and get out of Dodge, not
worry about manning my EMCOM post.   Not surprisingly,  I found that most of
the EMCOM people there felt the same way.   So,  what were we doing there?
Checking the box?   I didn't bother again.

To me, it's more important to be able to establish reliable emergency
communications for my neighbors and local area from my home,  not someplace
ten miles away.

I refuse to get rid of my land-line telephone as I get "Service Not
Available" quite a few times.  Not a lot,  but with kids at home,  a wife
with epilepsy, etc,  I never want to see that message when I or the kids
need 911.

3G/4G are nice things, and I look forward to their deployment.  But they are

73 Mark K3MSB

On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 11:40 PM, Bruce <bsugarberg at core.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> And when the disaster strikes, and the power fails, and the laptops
> and cell phones do not work anymore....???
> 73, Bruce WA8TNC
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