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Actually that happened during Gulf War 1 (Desert Shield).  For a few weeks 
during that conflict, the US military had to pull its KWM-2As out of 
mothballs, to use in the Middle East at bases, due to the fact that the 
static electricity caused by the frequent sandstorms that area gets, was 
zapping out their microprocessor controlled radios.  So, until they could 
come up with some EMD/EMP hardened gear, they used the KWM-2As.

Ellen - AF9J

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> Some how I feel compelled to comment here.
>    Since we as a group tend to be 'tube' oriented, (no offense to those
> running 'sand devices'), I recall an issue that came up when that Russian
> pilot flew the MIG-25 to Japan. The USSR, (as it was called at that time),
> ultimately got the plane back, but not after our country's 'crack'
> specialists got to look it over. I got a chance to talk to one of the 
> people
> involved with that investigation. He said, "You know, we  poured all over
> the avionics of that aircraft. One person chuckled at the fact that
> everything was designed with 'slow moving' tubes as opposed to integrated
> circuits that we had been using. One enterprising fellow spoke up and
> opined, 'What if they meant to do that?', prompting questions from 
> everyone
> else. The fellow elaborated on the ability of tube technology being able 
> to
> withstand EMP from a nuclear explosion. We then took a closer look at our
> technology and have started to re-design with that in mind." Now this was 
> in
> the late '80's so I don't think our (rice-box) radios have been desiged 
> with
> that feature. I'm not trying to be an alarmist here, but should the 
> country
> ever survive a nuclear attack. It may be those of us with the boatanchors
> that 'carry-the-day' with regards to communications. Someone also 
> mentioned,
> I think it was on this board, about the fact that the government was 
> holding
> on to Collins KWM-2As for that expressed purpose.
>    These are just my musings and passing along some information from
> 'brain-cells' long ago.
> Mod-U-Lator,
> Mike(y)
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