[AMRadio] mods.dk and Heath info

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sat Mar 20 10:39:33 EDT 2010

>From my memory there was only $5000 involved in this transaction and the 
contract was questionable.  I had a friend deeply involved in the manual 
business who had a couple of guys run at him with a similar claim.  The 
copyright attorney he talked to told him to forget these claims for 
Heath manuals as they were groundless.

The problem now in the US is that kind of claim will require defense in 
court if the person who claim they hold the copyrights decided to file a 
suit.  BAMA provided those manuals for free and as such has no stake in 
whether the claimant is correct or not.  Who wants to pay a lawyer to 
provide something free?

It is my understanding some of those manuals copyright date are expired 
and were not grandfathered into the new law and others, as I say, are 


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> Mods.dk is from Denmark.  I guess they may not be paying attention to 
> a US copyright.  I am aware that the Heath printed material was 
> purchased for a large sum of money, and the new owner will capitalize 
> on his investment.  Let's hope he is not after Collins, Drake, Swan, 
> or anything else listed on these sites that offer access to manuals 
> and schematics for equipment whose companies, for the most part, have 
> been out of business for years, and whose archaic equipment 
> information is needed by a tiny segment of the ham community.

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