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D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sat Mar 20 12:43:17 EDT 2010

> When you think of it, what is up with ham radio, two guys trying to work
> each other with qsb, qrm, using expensive equipment, big antenna's,
> towers,etc, when you could do voice and video over the internet on a cheap
> laptop or an I phone...on the beach, in the den, on a train, anyplace...
> Brett

That's what makes it interesting.  Ham radio communication, particularly on 
HF, is uncertain, and largely governed by Mother Nature (T-storm QRN, 
ionospheric propagation, etc).

People enjoy communicating via ham radio and sometimes spend tons of money 
on their hobby for the same reason that others enjoy hunting,  fishing and 
gardening, despite the fact that commercially prepared meat, vegetables and 
seafood are more easily and usually more cheaply available at the local 
supermarket. There is a certain aspect of sport and anticipation of the 
unknown whenever you  fire up the rig just as there is before a hunting or 
fishing trip or anticipation of the  harvest when you plant the veggie 
garden in the spring.  That is the "magic" that creates the excitement. Plus 
most hams find magic in our toys, just as hunters find magic in their 
favourite guns and fishermen find magic in their boats, along with the 
one-upmanship we sometimes enjoy as we spar with our fellow hobbyists.

It would be extremely boring if every QSO were 100% reliable, noise free, 
and all signals had a prescribed set signal strength. That's why Skype and 
some of the so-called virtual ham radio web sites have so far met with so 
little success.

Don k4kyv

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