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Well, unless you are using points, the car is unlikely to run anyway.
Even tube stuff usually has some diodes in it.

You wont be able to get gas for the car, generators wont run, no water, no 
gas, no electric.

I am NOT into the modern stuff, I think its bad for people to be on the 
phone or texting while driving all the time, but you will be able to buy a 
wifi radio receiver, or get pod casts, or whatever, without the need for 
broadcast stations. These little gizmo's use chips that can null out 
interference, so qrm wont be very important. Think satellite radio without 
the satellites.

You might not want to admit it, but almost no one under 40 years of age 
listens to AM radio as their primary way of hearing anything. My son is 26, 
not into the computer thing, but watches 'TV', movies, gets his music and 
books on his laptop.

Open up a lot of modern stuff and see that the factory has left most of the 
noise filters out to save some money. With under 2000 people, the FCC is 
hardly going to be able to enforce anything. I wonder if Europe gets the 
same treatment?

I have someone with a plasma TV close by that takes out the AM window, the 
FCC let it happen in the first place, and wont do anything to correct it. I 
cant believe they pay any attention at all to anything to do with ham radio. 
Or QRM generators.


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> And you thought the old geezers who are hanging onto their '57 Chevies 
> with
> Elmac AF-67/PMR-6 and
> PE-103s were nutz!  When the big one comes, they will be the only ones
> driving around and able to communicate on AM! And in the rare case that 
> the
> Chevy breaks, you can find the engine, fix it and get going again without
> having  to have an ASE degree in automotive electronics!
> I haven't found the Chevy yet but I have all that nice Elmac gear and a
> couple of PE-103s ready to go.
> 73,
> John,  W4AWM

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