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There was talk last week on the broadcast trade websites that there is a move under way to appoint a staff engineer for each FCC commissioner. The facts are that there are very few engineering types left at the FCC. This has been an issue for some years now for the AFCCE engineers who are certified to submit the documentation the FCC for new station licenses or mods to an existing license. 

A very good friend of mine who is a long time member of the AFCCE talks all the time about the GS12's (or what ever level they are) are not concerned about the laws of physics, just the law that says the info on line such and such must be thus and nothing else.

Bill AD5OL

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. With under 2000 people, the FCC is 
hardly going to be able to enforce anything. I wonder if Europe gets the 
same treatment?


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> And you thought the old geezers who are hanging onto their '57 Chevies 
> with
> Elmac AF-67/PMR-6 and
> PE-103s were nutz!  When the big one comes, they will be the only ones
> driving around and able to communicate on AM! And in the rare case that 
> the
> Chevy breaks, you can find the engine, fix it and get going again without
> having  to have an ASE degree in automotive electronics!
> I haven't found the Chevy yet but I have all that nice Elmac gear and a
> couple of PE-103s ready to go.
> 73,
> John,  W4AWM

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