[AMRadio] RETRO 75 Build

LEE BAHR pulsarxp at embarqmail.com
Sun Mar 21 04:32:11 EDT 2010

I got the receiver portion of the transceiver built Friday night but as yet 
have not tested it out.  Hoping to build up the transmitter portion Sunday.

I was planning to build a case for it out of PC board material as I had done 
for my Ft Tuthill 80 kit.  (That case came out looking great)!  Unless I am 
dissapointed,  I am going to first try using a TenTec case I ordered from 
TenTec direct.  The size is so perfect for the RETRO 75 and the price is 
good too.  TP-41 $6.71.  (5 1/2 x 2 1/4 x 4 1/4 inches).

I also had a SW-30+ transceiver from Small Wonder without a case, so I 
ordered a slightly smaller case for it too on the same order.  The shipping 
charges for both cabinets came to $7.85.

If the TenTec case works out, it will save a lot of time from building one 
up myself.  I prefer making my own as I can size the cabinet to fit the PC 
board.  In this case,  the size from TenTec was perfect and for $6.71,  I 
could not build one that inexpensive.

When I did the homebrew case for the Ft Tuthill rig I used some spray Krylon 
Fusion paint for plastic, wood, wicker and more.  It really worked out well 
on the single sided PC material.  (I painted the fiberglass side).  I was 
worried about seeing the fiberglass pattern in the paint job.  That problem 
did not occur and the paint job was one of the best I have ever done 
spraying a cabinet with canned spray paint.  The Krylon Fusion paint really 
impressed me.  I used a soft gray for the front, rear and bottom panels and 
a dark blue for the top and sides.

I ordered a new hand held Cobra High Gear HG-M73 Dynamic CB mic for it with 
a 4 pin plug off of E-bay for $11.00 including shipping.  (There are a 
zillion of these mics listed on that site.  Just make sure you buy a dynamic 
model.  Mine has no amp built into it).

Lee, w0vt 

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