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D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Mar 22 13:59:59 EDT 2010

> One of Bill Clinton's endeavors with the federal government was to change 
> it to a social club of sorts.  It became necessary to hire as needed, 
> individuals who >would fill out the social makeup of gender, race, and 
> sexual orientation.  If a highly qualified Caucasian male was hired or 
> promoted, a letter had to be written,
>outlining why any member of the aforementioned groups, was not selected for 
>a position.  Today, in many technical jobs the government is involved in, 
> >management and upper management meets the social goals, but are mostly 
>full of incompetents.  The FCC is in that group.  So is the FAA, which is a 
>good >reason to drive yourself or take the train.
> Charlie, W4MEC in NC

This pre-dates the Clinton era by at least a decade.  Remember, one of  the 
reasons the FCC gave for the change to a one-size-fits-all AM power limit 
rule was that the number of active AM'ers on the air did not justify the 
costs of the "special training" that would be necessary, to teach FCC field 
inspectors how to use different power standards for measuring AM and SSB 
transmitter power.

This rulemaking proposal was released in 1982 as I recall.  I still have a 
thick folder full of paperwork from that proceeding on file.

Don k4kyv


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