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"special training" ???  what does that mean? ability to read and write? 
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>> One of Bill Clinton's endeavors with the federal government was to change
>> it to a social club of sorts.  It became necessary to hire as needed,
>> individuals who >would fill out the social makeup of gender, race, and
>> sexual orientation.  If a highly qualified Caucasian male was hired or
>> promoted, a letter had to be written,
>>outlining why any member of the aforementioned groups, was not selected 
>>a position.  Today, in many technical jobs the government is involved in,
>> >management and upper management meets the social goals, but are mostly
>>full of incompetents.  The FCC is in that group.  So is the FAA, which is 
>>good >reason to drive yourself or take the train.
>> Charlie, W4MEC in NC
> This pre-dates the Clinton era by at least a decade.  Remember, one of 
> the
> reasons the FCC gave for the change to a one-size-fits-all AM power limit
> rule was that the number of active AM'ers on the air did not justify the
> costs of the "special training" that would be necessary, to teach FCC 
> field
> inspectors how to use different power standards for measuring AM and SSB
> transmitter power.
> This rulemaking proposal was released in 1982 as I recall.  I still have a
> thick folder full of paperwork from that proceeding on file.
> Don k4kyv
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