[AMRadio] FCC engineers

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Mon Mar 22 20:44:59 EDT 2010

From:           	"Bernie Doran" <qedconsultants at embarqmail.com>

>  do I have to say this again sloooower? If          you        throw
> a         rock             into             a   pack              of
> dogs
> If that is not going to be sloooooooow enough, email me and I will
> try to
> explaaaaaaain it in more detail. Bernie w8rpw 

He he - You made me think of Rod Stewart singing that 
old song, "Ain't Superstitious."

\\\ Dogs begin to bark - all over mah neighborhood ///

-~ø¤º°º¤ø~-"ßrÿ in FLÕRÎÐÁ"-~ø¤º°º¤ø~-

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