[AMRadio] Tips on Posting

Todd, KA1KAQ ka1kaq at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 13:33:17 EDT 2010

Overall this list is a wonderful resource and a great group of folks.
Seldom do any of the moderators have to intervene, though lately it
seems to be happening more and more. As Jim said, there are no doubt
issues taking place in life and politics beyond this list that seep
into our attitudes and moods, whether we realize it or not.

I'm not a politically-correct kind of guy as anyone who knows me can
attest. Nor am I one who finds it necessary to tell others how to act,
what to say, or how to say it. It's a repulsive thought, really. So
I'm hoping that a couple of suggestions will be seen as simply that -
suggestions, not 'control'.

First off, think about the post you're about to send to every member
of the list before you hit the SEND button. Is it a topic that
pertains to the mode of AM, the AM community, or at least related to
amateur radio events that could impact us?

Next, is it written in a way to solicit discussion or retaliation?

Keep in mind that while freedom of speech is a right guaranteed by our
Constitution, it doesn't apply wholesale on this or most other lists.
Think of our list more as a benevolent dictatorship: follow the few,
basic rules you agreed to when you signed up and enjoy the latitude
that the list and moderators afford you to discuss topics related to
Amplitude Modulation on the amateur bands.

If you need to think about whether or not a post belongs on here, it
probably doesn't. You should be able to tap out a response and send it
without having to think about whether or not it meets muster of our
simple rules. And while 99% of us won't take offense to references to
past presidents or administrations, a few are sure to see it as an
opening to take things into a political direction. Therefore, I'd
suggest deferring from bringing up Clinton, Bush, Obama, or any other
politician by name so as to avoid being part of the problem.
Regardless of whether you may be using it as a time line and your
comments may be true, it can just as easily be seen to some as
assigning blame or inviting a political discussion. Something we have
more than enough of in our day-to-day lives already thanks to the

We've enjoyed a great run on this list since back in the mid 90s
sometime. Our flare ups have been few and far between, a testament to
an overall intelligent and responsible group. While we can't prevent
every issue from arising, we can all minimize the impact by ignoring
those who stir the pot by denying them the one thing they desire from
their comments: attention. Think of the few who QRM on the air. Ignore
them and they get sick of it soon. Feed their need for attention by
responding and they're ready for another round. Do not feed the
trolls, instead drop a line to the moderators here if you think
someone is out of line and we'll deal with it (if we haven't already).

73 -

~ Todd,  KA1KAQ/4


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