[AMRadio] Amateur radio privileges and policy discussions

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Tue Mar 23 22:17:20 EDT 2010

This is precisely why I try to allow posts that contain references in 
them across the board.  In cases where they get too far out of hand, I 
will email the people involved directly and we discuss the problem 
individually.  That has worked well for me and almost every person here, 
to a man and woman, have been cooperative except for a few.

Those few trouble makers who were/are snide with us are gone and will 
remain that way.  Politics injected into a conversation either directly 
or by inference is not really a good practice and if we continue to 
allow remarks concerning the FCC, ARRL or other organizations that have 
influence over our hobby, some people are going to do it.  So, again. I 
ask that everyone realize that these things happen and I will do what I 
can to prevent them from becoming an issue.   Please don't take the 

It takes the ability to look the other way some times and I ask everyone 
to bear with us as we work through the problems.  Just remember the 
moderators have to walk a line and will allow some remarks through but 
don't push a personal agenda here.

All we ask is that people respect everyone which is not much to ask.  I 
will continue to be permissive until things get nasty then the 
moderators, Todd/KA1KAQ, Jim/W5JO and the list owner Brian/WA5AM will 
take action.


----- Original Message ----- 
> If discussions on the AM and amateur radio message boards, email 
> reflectors
> and over the air is to be limited to technical topics, equipment 
> exchanges
> and trivial chit-chat because everyone is fearful of  becoming too
> "political", we might just as well kiss AM and amateur radio as we 
> know it
> good-bye now, while the kissing is good. Regarding this forum, I 
> suggest
> laying off the snide remarks, wisecracks and end-run non-radio related
> political statements that have lately been slipping into numerous 
> threads
> and topics, without hesitating to bring up any subject that might 
> involve
> our radio operation.

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