[AMRadio] Amateur radio privileges and policy discussions

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 24 17:11:57 EDT 2010

I am a little puzzled as to why Todd's letter was not sent directly, and privately, to those who need to hear it.

Instead, it has gone to the 99 percent of us who don't include a political slant in our postings here.

I can agree that it's easy to interpret comments as "fightin' words" when no argument was intended.  That's a problem not limited to this list.

But, as seen on QRZ.com, it is very difficult to establish when too far is too far. That website lost several good writers whose opinions I respected, because they were told they could no longer express their views in the way they had done.

It's a tough balancing act.  My recommendation is to privately and directly point out when someone has crossed the line to the level the moderators deem inappropriate, or when enough complaints come in that the matter has to be reviewed by those moderators.




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