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VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 24 17:49:02 EDT 2010

The FCC today released a Notice of Proposed Rule Making.
There is no direct threat to AM.

The agency's proposal would replace a recently established system of "waivers" that allow Amateurs who also are paid staff of government agencies to conduct non-emergency drills on frequencies allocated to radio hobbyists.

The drills are said to be for emergency preparedness, but there is no definition as to scope, frequency range, and whether these tests constitute priority claim to a given spot on the dial.

One potential conflict involves 7290Kc, which the AM Community established a long time ago as a cooperative way to reduce friction with incompatible modes and activities.

Certain stations along the Gulf Coast have also used this frequency, regardless of whether AM activity is present. They had previously used the frequency for hurricane preparedness status, asking field engineers of the FCC to declare pre-emptive emergencies that blocked the use of that area of the dial by others.

Please read and consider filing Comments on the FCC's electronic database:





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