[AMRadio] More Hash and Buzzies

J. Mark Bolton coastalemc at coastalnow.net
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I wonder if you might be so kind as to e-mail your research on RFI in your
HVAC system. Please send to coastalemc at coastalnow.net (no file size limit).

It too have done a lot of searching in my home for sources of noise. First
by running my radio from a battery and tripping the main circuit breaker to
see what noise goes away. Then, going down the line of each individual
breaker until I located the source -- assuming it is inside the house. I
work for an electric utility company and have been able to help resolve a
number of complaints of powerline interference -- mostly in my own
neighborhood. Generally, those powerline problems have been caused by blown
lightning arrestors where the expulsion cartridge has not completely blown
the stinger off the bottom of the arrestor. I found three in my neighborhood
like that. We were glad to get them replaced but may not have know about
them unless someone (like a ham operator) had complained of noise.

For years our line crews could only have AM radios installed in their
service trucks because that helped them to become more aware of powerline
noise as they drove throughout the system. Now, of course, you can't buy a
truck with just an AM radio.

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Richmond Hill, GA
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I have all the dope on mitigating RFI out of HVAC,  gas furnaces, etc, etc.
I have a Trane XV95 gas furnace which spews trash out on HF. I successfully
mitigated that

Let me know if you can handle  8Mb of down loads and I will send you my
entire package.


Jim/W5JO wrote:
I encountered the same situation with the FCC over the air handler unit
to my HVAC,  it is a multi speed motor that is controlled by a PWM
signal.    The noise it puts out is nothing like this thing though but I
followed up with the manufacturer and they would not, (first) admit the
problem with in their unit, and (second) would not provide any help
other than telling me to buy a filter from Radio Shack.

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